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Chinese businessmen are interested in joint productions in Ukraine, - Chinese Ambassador Du Wei

Chinese businessmen are interested in joint productions in Ukraine, - Chinese Ambassador Du Wei

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Vasyl Khmelnytskyi's Industrial park in Bila Tserkva can become a platform for creation of European market-oriented joint Ukrainian-Chinese productions. This was stated by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the PRC in Ukraine Mr Du Wei during a Sunday visit to Khmelnytskyi's enterprises in Bila Tserkva: Biopharma pharmaceutical plant, the first wiring systems production plant in Ukraine, and also to “Bila Tserkva” industrial park.  An adviser on trade and economic issues, Mr. Liu Jun, as well as diplomats from the embassy were also on the Chinese delegation.

The ambassador pointed out that China is now interested in investing in Ukraine and industrial parks are a convenient reliable segment for the investments. “China is considering the possibility of setting up joint productions in Ukraine and is studying this issue,” Mr. Du Wei added. “At the moment, Chinese companies willingly cooperate with Ukraine, actively investing in Ukrainian companies, but I'm sure that in the future, Chinese businessmen will create both their own companies and joint productions in such industrial parks like this. We came to study your experience.”

“It is with a great honour that we have accepted the Ambassador of the Republic of China today,” the businessman and founder of the investment group UFuture Vasyl Khmelnytskyi said. “Chinese diplomats turned their attention to us, because the entire economy of the People's Republic of China rises on the basis of industrial parks. This topic is familiar to China and we hope that this visit will stimulate our further partnership with Chinese business and investors.”

During the visit, the Chinese Ambassador Mr Du Wei mentioned the economic reform that was launched in his country 40 years ago and the main engine of which were just the industrial parks. The ambassador noted that the visit to the industrial park of Bila Tserkva was also interesting as an opportunity to compare how similar projects are embodied in modern conditions. “This year we celebrate the fortieth anniversary since the policy of reform and opening up has started in China and therefore I came here to visit Vasyl Khmelnytskyi’s enterprises of in the new industrial park,” the Ambassador of the PRC Mr. Du Wei says. “Reform in China has begun exactly with the development of industry, of industrial parks and free economic zones, and the fact that Ukraine took the first important step in the same direction is very important for the beginning of Ukrainian reforms that should be crowned with success.”

According to Andrii Brynzylo, director of Bila Tserkva IP, for the development of industry in Ukraine, there is a need for catalysts from the government, which are simply absent today: in particular, the law on industrial parks has not yet been adopted and no alternatives have been proposed. “Now the legislation does not operate and does not stimulate the development of industrial parks. While we are fighting corruption and changing the perception of the country, all the neighbouring countries are leaving us behind. We can not afford moving slowly,” says Brynzylo. “We need to boost the country, so we are for the government to use incentives, at least for certain sectors of the economy.”

“Bila Tserkva” industrial park was registered in April 2018. “We have already physically started to build factories and I hope that the first of them will be launched this fall,” Vasyl Khmelnytskyi says. “Its products will be certified according to European standards and exported. It is planned to begin construction of three or four more plants this year and in the next four years we are going to build another 20 productions. This is not an easy path.”

In Khmelnytskyi's opinion, parks and plants are not only taxes to the state, but also jobs, which means a decent salary and subsequent consumption growth. Khmelnytskyi is convinced that industry is one of the key drivers of the economy.

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