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Ukrainian news
Avakov Expecting Police Operation To De-Occupy Donbas Soon

Avakov Expecting Police Operation To De-Occupy Donbas Soon

Interior Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov expects holding of a police operation to de-occupy Donbas not involving the military at the earliest possible time.

He said this at a roundtable in Kyiv, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Soon, we hope and have an opportunity… Putin will cede under this international pressure and we will return our territories… Most probably it will be a police mission not involving the Armed Forces," he said.

The minister expressed his confidence that such an operation would not need attraction of 40,000 United Nations (UN) peacekeepers as 2,000 law enforcers would be enough.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Avakov has called for adoption of laws on collaborates and amnesty before de-occupation of Donbas.

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