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Ukraine, Bulgaria Agree To Guarantee Bulgarian National Minority's Right To Learn Native Language

Ukraine, Bulgaria Agree To Guarantee Bulgarian National Minority's Right To Learn Native Language

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Ukraine and Bulgaria have agreed to guarantee the Bulgarian national minority's right to learn its native language.

Minister of Education and Science Liliya Hrynevych and Bulgaria's Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Valchev signed the relevant declaration, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The declaration states that together with the studying of the state language, the Bulgarian minority will have the necessary conditions for studying and learning in their native language.

Separately, the two sides confirmed the importance of studying the state language "as a factor for integration of the country and public harmony due to the expansion of the use of the state language in the educational process, particularly by increasing the time of instruction in the state language."

The document also states that Ukraine and Bulgaria will work on a new protocol for cooperation and exchange between the two ministries.

Valchev confirmed that development of partnership with Ukraine was very important to Bulgaria. Therefore, according to him, active cooperation is continuing and Bulgaria will forward its proposals regarding the draft protocol in the near future.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the new version of Ukraine's Education Law entered into force on September 28, 2017.

Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova have expressed concern that the language provisions of the new law "On Education" violate the rights of national minorities in Ukraine.

The new education law stipulates that from September 2018, teaching in pre-school and primary education institutions will be in ethnic-minority languages while the state language will be taught simultaneously. In secondary school, children will begin studying in the state language while ethnic-minority languages will be taught as separate subjects.

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