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Cabinet Suggesting Rada Allow Bio-Burials In Parks

Cabinet Suggesting Rada Allow Bio-Burials In Parks

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The Cabinet of Ministers suggests that the Verkhovna Rada allow making biologic burials in parks and municipal forests.

This is said in the draft law No.8248 registered at the Verkhovna Rada on April 5, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The bill allows biologic burials in territories of cemeteries and other public areas such as parks (municipal forests and recreation and leisure parks).

The Cabinet also suggests adopting the notion of a biologic burial that implies using materials de-composing within five years.

The bill envisages that a burial site has a plate instead of mortuary monuments and other grave stones.

An explanatory note to the bill says that one of the purposes that the bill pursues is to improve the situation with the deficiency of burial places due to limited land resources.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in the same bill the Cabinet suggested the Verkhovna Rada introduce a punishment: a fine in the amount of 200 untaxable wages (UAH 3,400), an arrest of up to six months or restriction or imprisonment for up to three years for desecration of an urn niche.

In addition, the bill envisages de-regulation of funeral arrangement services through introduction of an economic activity for this area instead of an outdated contractual form of cooperation between a funeral company and subjects of economic activity that provide burial services.

The document also forbids employees of law enforcement services, registrar's offices and hospitals to provide information about a deceased or their relatives to representatives of funeral services with a criminal responsibility for breaking this rule.

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