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Ukrainian news
“Darnitsa” becomes Ukraine’s largest medicine producer

“Darnitsa” becomes Ukraine’s largest medicine producer

Private joint stock company “Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa” (Kyiv) has become the largest medicine producer in Ukraine in 2016, reads the official message the company published on its website.

“Darnitsa” has reported, back in 2016 it held 15.1 percent share of Ukraine’s medicine production market, and about 30 percent share of the country’s pills production market.

The company set a record of Ukraine in number of sold pharmaceutical pills –121 578 463 packages sold in 2016.

“This is almost four packages per second, manufactured by only 80 staff workers,” Svitlana Didenko, “Darnitsa” CEO said.  “This is a bright demonstration of production process efficiency.”

Along with that, the company has a potential for growing its production capacity by 50 percent, Didenko added.

“Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa”, founded in 1930, is Ukraine’s leading producer of various forms and types of medicine: vaccines, drops, powders, infusions and much more.

In general, company’s portfolio includes about 250 various brands of pharmaceuticals. Ukraine’s Member of parliament Hlib Zagoriy is one of the co-owners of Darnitsa.