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Savchenko Calls Suspicions Of PGO Absurd

Savchenko Calls Suspicions Of PGO Absurd

Verkhovna Rada member Nadiya Savchenko the suspicions articulated by the Prosecutor General's Office against her are absurd.

She gave the position during her statement in the Kyiv Appeal Court, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"I feel scorn for this government. I can state this in public and this does not mean that there is anything reasonable in the absurd in charges against Volodymyr Ruban or against me. Making a legend does not mean doing one's job," she said.

Savchenko said she considered Ruban a patriot and a gifted negotiator who should continue to tackle the issue of release of prisoners of the war.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Kyiv Appeal Court has upheld a ruling of the Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv to arrest the leader of the Officer Corps non-government organization Volodymyr Ruban suspected of preparation of terrorist attacks and illicit possession of arms.

The Kyiv Appeal Court also rejected a request of Member of Parliament Savchenko to bail out Ruban.

Volodymyr Ruban is arrested until May 6 without the right for a bail.

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