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Interior Ministry Will Not Grant Russians Access To Russian Diplomatic Missions To Vote In March 18 Presidenti

Interior Ministry Will Not Grant Russians Access To Russian Diplomatic Missions To Vote In March 18 Presidential Elections

The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not intend to allow Russian citizens to enter Russian diplomatic missions to vote in the Russian presidential elections on March 18.

Interior Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov announced this on his Facebook page, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The Ukrainian Ministry of Interior Affairs announces that the regime of protection of the Russian Federation's diplomatic institutions on the territory of Ukraine - in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and Lviv - will not involve granting citizens of the Russian Federation access to these institutions to enable them to vote in the elections on Sunday, March 18, 2018," he wrote.

According to Avakov, because of public protests in Ukrainian society and Russia's disdain for Ukraine's legitimate demands, as well as to avoid provocation and possible severe consequences, units of the National Police and the National Guard will ensure proper protection of all diplomatic missions and institutions, as well as adjacent territories, in accordance with the Vienna Convention on that day.

According to the minister, only people with diplomatic status will be granted access to these institutions.

Other people, including citizens of the Russian Federation, will be denied access to the territory of Russian diplomatic missions on that day.

The ministry appealed to diplomats and citizens of Russia to abide by this procedure and adhere to Ukrainian laws.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, activists from the National Corps party (formerly known as Azov), the Svoboda All-Ukrainian Association party, and the Right Sector party intend to prevent voting in the Russian presidential elections in Ukraine on March 18.

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