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Politics 2020-01-15T08:33:32+02:00
Ukrainian news
Klichko's first deputy became Igor Nikonov

Klichko's first deputy became Igor Nikonov

Another deputy was the People's Deputy of the UDAR fraction- Pavel Ryabikin

The Mayor of Kiev, Нead of the Kyiv city state administration Vitaly Klichko, appointed Igor Nikonov for the first deputy chairman of the KCSA. He informed about  this during a hardware meeting.

Furthermore, he introduced the deputy chairman of the Kyiv city administration Pavel Ryabikin. Earlier, Klichko appointed both officials for his advisers.

In addition, during the meeting, Klichko presented to the team  the newly appointed head of the Kyiv Metropolitan public utilities Viktor Braginsky, the CEO of the Kyivreklama(advertising) communal enterprise Oleg Kalinichenko and director of the Kyivtransparkservice company Murad Magomedov.

Ryabikin is a Verkhovna Rada deputy from the Udar faction, headed by Klichko election headquarters while local elections.

Igor Nikonov is a well-known developer, president of the group of companies "K.A.N. Development".