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Working Group Of MPs Develop Bill On National Financial Security Bureau

Working Group Of MPs Develop Bill On National Financial Security Bureau

Verkhovna Rada, Nina Yuzhanina, MPs, National Financial Security Bureau, NFSB

A working group, formed in the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Tax and Customs Policy under the chairmanship of Nina Yuzhanina, has completed work on the text of the bill on the National Financial Security Bureau (NFCB).

Yuzhanina wrote this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The bill was drafted on behalf of the President on the basis of the decision of the National Reforms Council.

The bill is placed to familiarize and submit proposals to it.

According to the document, the main tasks of the NFCB are: collection and systematization of information in the field of public finance, identification of risk zones, assessment of risks in public finance, identification of criminal schemes and technologies, analytics and recommendations for government agencies, combating crime in taxation, customs and budget sphere.

Independence of NFCB is guaranteed by: special status; a special order of competitive selection of the appointment and dismissal of the director of the bureau, as well as an exhaustive list of conditions for the termination of his powers; collegial acceptance of especially important decisions; prohibition of interference to the exercise of powers.

The exertion of bureaus in party, group and personal interests is not allowed.

The total number of employees of the NFCB can not exceed 4,000 persons, it is also envisaged the creation of territorial offices of the bureau.

It is envisaged to create a collegium of the bureau, which will consist of the director of the bureau and his first deputy, the directors of the departments.

The personal composition of the collegium in the central office of the bureau is approved by the director.

It is planned that the internal security service will monitor the living standards of the employees of the bureau and their family members, according to which the expenses of the employees must meet their income and declaration.

The NFCB Director is appointed and dismissed by the President of Ukraine, and the Verkhovna Rada, if there are grounds on the proposal of at least a third of the MPs, may decide to appeal to the President about the dismissal of the director of the bureau.

The director is appointed for a period of five years, the same person can not hold office for more than two consecutive terms.

A director can have one first deputy and three deputies.

The director also can not be under 35 years old and must reside in Ukraine for at least 10 years, must have a higher legal or economic or technical education.

Financing of the bureau is offered at the expense of the state budget.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ministries of Finance of Lithuania and Ukraine decided to organize a Coordinating Committee to implement the reform of the State Fiscal Service and the creation of the Financial Investigation Service.