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Ukraine Improves From 5th To 7th Its Position In List Of Unhappiest Economies In 2018

Ukraine Improves From 5th To 7th Its Position In List Of Unhappiest Economies In 2018

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In 2018, Ukraine improved from the fifth to the seventh its position in Bloomberg's list of unhappiest economies and now the country is the seventh after Venezuela, South Africa, Argentina, Egypt, Greece and Turkey.

The Misery Index is calculated by Bloomberg on the ground of forecasts on inflation and unemployment for 66 countries, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The Bloomberg Misery Index relies on the concept that low inflation and unemployment generally illustrate how good an economy's residents should feel.

In 2017, Ukraine was in the fifth place with the misery value of 23.8. In 2018, Ukraine is in the 7th position with the misery value of 17.8.

According to Bloomberg's Misery Index, rising prices are more of a threat to the global economy this year than joblessness.

The results largely signal a global economic outlook that remains bright overall. Economists polled by Bloomberg predict 3.7 percent year-on-year growth for the world in 2018, matching last year's pace that was the best since 2011.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine has climbed up 18 positions and ranked 39 among 115 countries in the Open Budget Index conducted by the International Budget Partnership.

Ukraine climbed 16 positions and ranked 150th among 180 countries in the global Index of Economic Freedom.

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