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Poroshenko Confirms February 12 Talks With Putin On Hostage Release, Deployment Of UN Peacekeeping Mission In

Poroshenko Confirms February 12 Talks With Putin On Hostage Release, Deployment Of UN Peacekeeping Mission In Donbas

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President Petro Poroshenko has confirmed he had a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 12 to discuss release of hostages and deployment of a United Nations (UN) peacekeeping mission in Donbas.

The President of Ukraine has said this to the press, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The objective of the negotiation consisted of two parts. The first part touched the peacekeepers, which was discussed during agreement of the Minsk-2 early in 2015. Then no one accepted my position, however, today the most of the UN countries support Ukraine in the necessity for deployment of such a mission in the whole territory... The second part was dedicated to release of the hostages. I discussed specific details and lists," he said.

At that Poroshenko stated that this information had been promulgated through a press-release by the Presidential Administration.

At the same time, the Presidential Administration has not officially commented on the individual yet.

On February 13, the Dzerkalo Tyzhnia publication reported about the aforementioned phone conversation between the Russian and Ukrainian leaders.

The publication then noted that the talks were initiated by the Ukrainian side on the occasion of the third anniversary of signing of so-called Minsk agreements.

Dzerkalo Tyzhnia publication confirmed its reported with a comment by the Presidential Administration's press service.

"The President of Ukraine had a phone conversation with the President of Russia to speed up release of Ukrainian hostages, in particular, exchange of border guards in captivity and release of Ukrainian military men in the occupied territories. Besides, the parties discussed the agenda of the upcoming meeting of foreign affairs ministers under the Normandy Format in Munich on February 16. The phone conversation took place being agreed with the European partners and American allies," the report said.

At the same time, the information has not been confirmed by any other publications.

On February 13, press-secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed the conversation to the Russian press.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in January, the Presidential Administration refuted Peskov's words saying about nonpublic meetings between Putin and Poroshenko.

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