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Most Ukrainians Leave To Poland, Russia, Hungary In 2017

Most Ukrainians Leave To Poland, Russia, Hungary In 2017

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In 2017, most Ukrainians leaved to Poland (9,990,978 people), Russia (4,376,423 people), Hungary (3,118,758 people), Moldova (1,680,353 people), Belarus (1,186,466 people), Turkey (1,185,051 people), Romania (1,045,424 people).

The State Statistics Service stated this with reference to the data of the State Border Guard Service, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Totally in 2017, 26,437,413 Ukrainians went abroad, including 26,219,255 made private trips, 120,887 - organized tourist trips, and 97,271 - official trips.

Most of all Ukrainians traveled to Turkey (29,495 people), Egypt (14,810), Belarus (12,656), Bulgaria (12,255), United Arab Emirates (8,135), Israel (5,710), Romania (5,439), Greece (5,210), Austria (5,174), Poland (5,059).

On official trips most Ukrainians traveled to Belarus (42,868), Russia (28,177) Bulgaria (7,925), Turkey (7,459), Romania (3,475).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, according to the National Bank, most Ukrainians go to work in Poland, Russia, Italy and the Czech Republic.

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