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Appeal Court Summons Kroll, AlixPartners Under Kolomoiskyi's Claim On February 21

Appeal Court Summons Kroll, AlixPartners Under Kolomoiskyi's Claim On February 21

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The Kyiv Court of Appeal has summoned the Kroll Associates and the AlixPartners Services limited liability partnerships, both based in the United Kingdom, to appear before court on February 21 in connection with the lawsuit brought against the companies by former owner of state PrivatBank Ihor Kolomoiskyi.

The court published the summons in the governmental newspaper Uriadovyi Kurier on February 7, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Should the companies decline to make appearances they must provide the reasons of their refusal.

On December 14, 2017, the court opened a proceeding based on a lawsuit filed by Ihor Kolomoiskyi to the NBU, PrivatBank, the Ministry of Finance, Kroll Associates UK, AlixPartners Services UK, Hogan Lovells International, Asters Consult, Asters limited, AlixPartners (Ukraine) to rescind and revoke agreements entered into between the above company and the National Bank of Ukraine, PrivatBank and the Ministry of Finance.

The aforesaid companies were hired by the Ukrainian state authorities to conduct a forensic audit at PrivatBank, which, according to a memorandum with the International Monetary Fund, should have been completed before last year September.

On December 15, the court held with Kolomoiskyi about placing an injunctive relief and forbade PrivatBank, the Ministry of Finance, advisors, attorneys and other individuals rendering services on behalf of PrivatBank, NBU or Ministry of Finance to proceed with their duties under any agreements, contracts or powers of attorney which directly or indirectly interfere with or have an impact on rights or interests of Kolomoiskyi.

But less in a month, on January 3, 2018, the court held with the countersuit of the Asters law firm and reversed its earlier ruling, taking down the restrictions.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Deputy Chairperson of the National Bank of Ukraine Kateryna Rozhkova at a press conference said that the lawsuits of Kolomoiskyi was a sign of weakness and fear that Kroll and AlexPartners would find compromising evidence against PrivatBank's former owners.