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Passenger Airlines Up Passenger Flow By 27.5% To 10.6 Million Passengers In 2017

Passenger Airlines Up Passenger Flow By 27.5% To 10.6 Million Passengers In 2017

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In 2017, passenger airlines increased passenger flow by 27.5% to 10.554 million passengers year over year.

The State Aviation Service announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

At the same time, international air transportation increased by 28.6% to 9.6 million passengers.

Passenger flow through Ukrainian airports increased by 27.6% to 16.5 million people, including international traffic that increased by 29.2% to 14.591 million people.

In 2017, Ukrainian airlines carried out 92,200 commercial flights (an increase of 16% year over year), including international flights - 77,700 flights (an increase of 14.4%).

According to the statement, 93% of the total volume of passenger traffic was carried out by five leading air carriers.

Besides the Ukraine International Airline, leadership is reserved for such companies as Windrose, Azur Air Ukraine, AtlasJet Ukraine and Bravo.

The Windrose airline has achieved growth of passenger traffic 2.5 times year over year, AtlasJet Ukraine - by 73.8%, Bravo - by 49.9%, Azur Air Ukraine - by 17.2% and Ukraine International Airlines - by 16.5%.

Regular flights between Ukraine and the countries of the world during 2017 were carried out by 10 domestic airlines to 43 countries of the world and 29 foreign airlines to 27 countries of the world.

Besides, the statement reads that cargo and mail were transported by 23 domestic airlines, most of which are charter flights to other states within the framework of United Nations humanitarian and peacekeeping programs, as well as in accordance with contracts and agreements with other customers.

The transportation leaders are a branch of the Antonov state enterprise Antonov Airlines, the Ukraine International Airlines, ZetAvia, Maximus Airlines, Ukrainian Helicopters, Ukraine Air Alliance and Alfa Air.

These airlines did almost 85 percent of the total volume of freight and mail in the reporting period.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in January-November 2017, passenger airlines increased passenger flow by 29.6% to 9.8 million people year over year.