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Human Right Watch Accusing Ukrainian Authorities Of Lack Of Proper Investigation Into Crimes Against Journalis

Human Right Watch Accusing Ukrainian Authorities Of Lack Of Proper Investigation Into Crimes Against Journalists

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The Human Rights Watch international organization for human rights has stated that Ukrainian authorities have failed so far to properly investigate crimes against journalists.

The Human Rights Watch said this in its annual report, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The government took several steps to limit freedom of expression of thoughts and curtail freedom of media explaining it with the need to resist the Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and counter anti-Ukrainian propaganda to which the country was exposed," said the report.

The organization also said in its report that the Ukrainian authorities failed to take real effort to investigate leak of personal data of journalists and activists of non-government organization disclosed on the Myrotvorets website in 2016 and 2017.

In addition, the Human Rights Watch points out that the murder of famous Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sheremet in 2016 remains unsolved.

The organization also states that in June the court reversed the acquittal ruling of 2016 for journalist Ruslan Kotsaba who had been charged with criminal responsibility on high treason charges for publicly calling to boycott military conscriptions.

Besides, the organization refers to the law signed in April by President Petro Poroshenko that mandates public activists and journalists to publicly reveal their assets (in an electronic declaration) along with the Ukrainian officials.

Instead of abolishing the requirement, "the President on July 10 entered additional unnecessary and complicating requirements to the reporting of all non-government organizations and individuals working for such organizations," the statement from the company read.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2017, the Freedom House international non-government organization designated Ukraine under the category of countries with partial freedom of press.