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Ukraine Exhausts Duty Free EU Export Quotas For Honey, Sugar, Grapes, Apple Juice, Processed Tomatoes In 2017

Ukraine Exhausts Duty Free EU Export Quotas For Honey, Sugar, Grapes, Apple Juice, Processed Tomatoes In 2017

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Ukraine has used up in full quotas for free of duty export of food products to the European Union countries provided in 2017 for the following products: honey, sugar, grapes and apple juice, processed tomatoes and also wheat, barley, corn, crops, flour and butter.

The Ukrainian News Agency learnt this form Daryna Hrytsenko, an expert at the Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business (UCAB) association.

According to the UCAB's data, in 2017 Ukraine was given and had exhausted quotas for duty free export of food products to the EU countries for the following products: wheat - 960,000 tons, barley - 270,000 tons, corn - 450,000 tons, honey - 5,200 tons, sugar - 20,070 tons, crops and flour - 6,600 tons, processed tomatoes - 10,000 tons, grapes and apple juice - 12,000 tons, butter and dairy pastes - 1,800 tons and poultry filet - 16,800 tons.

Ukraine also nearly exhausted duty free export quotas for starch (99% of 10,000 tons available), malt (98% of 7,000 tons), glucose and glucose syrup (76% of 12,000 tons).

Ukraine partly used quotas for duty free export of dry milk (35% of 2,200 tons available), milk, cream and yogurts (3.8% of 8,400 tons), eggs (20% of 3,000 tons), egg products (36% of 1,800 tons), bird's carcasses (26% of 20,000 tons), oat (46% of 4,000 tons), garlic (33% of 500 tons), processed grain products (26% of 2,000 tons), processed sugar products (14% of 2,200 tons) and offal (30% of 18,000 tons).

In addition, Ukraine nearly exhausted additional quotas for honey (the additional quota was 2,500 tons), processed tomatoes (3,000 tons) and barley (325,000 tons).

Ukraine used by 60% additional quotas for crops and flour (7,800 tons) and by 8% - oat quotas (4,000 tons).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on July 17, the EU Council approved additional quotas for duty free export of some agricultural products from Ukraine, in particular: honey (2,500 tons), processed tomatoes (3,000 tons), grapes juice (500 tons), wheat (65,000 tons), corn (625,000 tons), crops and grain (7,800 tons), oat (4,000 tons) and barley (325,000 tons).

On May 5, 2017, the European Parliament's Committee on International Trade approved wider trade preferences for Ukraine, with several exceptions, for agricultural products.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, additional export quotas will allow Ukraine to receive additional gains estimated at USD 200 million.

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