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Daughter Of Slain Lawyer Nozdrovska: Court Materials Mismatching Rossoshanskyi's Statements

Daughter Of Slain Lawyer Nozdrovska: Court Materials Mismatching Rossoshanskyi's Statements

murder, Yurii Rossoshanskyi, Iryna Nozdrovska, Anastasia Nozdrovska

Daughter of murdered lawyer Iryna Nozdrovska, Anastasia, states that materials of the case do not match statements of the main suspect in the murder, Yurii Rossoshanskyi.

Anastasia said this at a press conference held at the press center of the Ukrainian News Agency.

She states that the investigation allowed her lawyers to see only 10-15% of the materials in the case.

Lawyers of Anastasia Nozdrovska demand from the prosecution office to provide them full access to all materials of the criminal proceeding.

Daughter of the killed lawyer thanked President Petro Poroshenko for paying attention to the tragedy, but at the same time she stated that the President was deceived by the law enforcers about the person designated as the suspect in the murder.

Lawyers representing Anastasia considered the evidence collected to bring accusations against Yurii Rossoshanskyi as weak and equipping the court with a possibility to acquit the suspect.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the body of Nozdrovska was found on January 1, 2018 in the river in Vyshhorod suburbs (Kyiv region).

As a lawyer and human rights advocate, Nozdrovska worked on a criminal case of Dmytro Rossoshanskyi who stroke her sister Svitlana Sapatynska to death in his car in 2015.

On January 8, the police detained father of the convict, Yurii Rossoshanskyi, on suspicion of murder of Nozdrovska.

On January 9, the court arrested Yurii Rossoshanskyi for two months without a possibility of a bail.

Full audio-recording of the press conference is available to our subscribers. To obtain the recording, please, contact our press center by the fixed-line number: 494-3165 or via email: centre@ukranews.com.