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Russian Rosneft Sells Off Gas Filling Station Chain In Ukraine

Russian Rosneft Sells Off Gas Filling Station Chain In Ukraine

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The Rosneft state-run oil and gas open joint-stock company (the Russian Federation) sold off a chain of gas filling stations in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian News learnt this from a list of persons affiliated with the company.

In particular, the company excluded from the affiliated entities registered in the territory of Ukraine the following companies: the RN-Kart Ukraine, the TNK-Industries Ukraine, the Aviation Fuel Filling Company, the Glusko Retail administration the AvtoNafta limited liability companies.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Russian-based Lukoil, a large oil and gas company, sold its assets in Ukraine.

In February 2017, Lukoil completed a deal on the sale of its Karpatnaftokhim oil refinery (Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Previously, the Antimonopoly Committee issued permission to Ilkham Mamedov, former chairperson of the LUKOIL-Ukraine oil and gas subsidiary, for acquisition of 50% of shares of the Lukoil Chemical (owns 100% of Karpatnaftokhim).

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