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Cabinet Approves Method For Calculation Of Cost Of Medical Services

Cabinet Approves Method For Calculation Of Cost Of Medical Services

Cabinet of Ministers, medical services, medical reform

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved a method for calculation of the cost of medical services.

The Ukrainian News Agency learnt this from the decision passed by the government.

The method offers a standard approach to the calculation of cots and expenditures in healthcare facilities and must be used across the country as the approved national system for the calculation of the cost of medical services subject to compensation by the state within the scope of the state-supported healthcare guarantees.

The method distributes expenses "from top to bottom", from administrative entities to in-patient facilities, and sets an average cost of an item of medical service (for example, the cost per patient, or the cost of one day in an in-patient facility).

The document was passed with a required one-day update of the Ministry of Finance and State Regulatory Service.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman forecast that President Petro Poroshenko will approve a bill on medical reform before 2018.

Poroshenko soon intended to sign off a bill on medical reform and rural healthcare.

On October 19, the Verkhovna Rada decided to create an electronic healthcare system for the implementation of a state-funded program of state guarantees for basic medical services to the population.

On the same day, the Rada approved the system of state guarantees for payment for medical service to the population.

The Rada also intended to work to improve quality and accessibility of medical servicing in rural area.

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