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NBU Receives Documents From Belarusian Authorities Directing Purchase Of Sberbank Through Belarusian-Based Par

NBU Receives Documents From Belarusian Authorities Directing Purchase Of Sberbank Through Belarusian-Based Paritetbank

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The National Bank of Ukraine has stated that on December 21 it received documents from the Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus with directions to agree a purchase of 100-percent stake in Ukrainian Sberbank (a subsidiary of Russian state-owned Sberbank) through Belarusian-based Paritetbank joint-stock company.

Press service of the Ukrainian Central Bank has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The NBU received the package of documents and considers it.

It will inform on the results after the consideration.

In accordance with the law of Ukraine On Banks and Banking Activity, the National Bank considers documents for acquisition of a substantial share in the financial company during three months after the application.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in the summer 2017, the NBU rejected documents from Latvia-based Norvik Banka (owned by Russian businessman Grigoriy Guselnikov) and a Belarusian-based company owned by Said Gutseriyev (son of the main owner of Russian-based RussNeft oil company and Safmar group) for acquisition of Sberbank in Ukraine.

Among the reasons for refusal the NBU named improper documents inconsistent with the laws of Ukraine.

After that, Belarusian businessman Viktor Prokopenia, owner of the VP Capital company, in July 2017 submitted documents to the NBU for purchase of Sberbank, but later in the same month revoked the documents.

In September 2017, Deputy Chairperson of the NBU Kateryna Rozhkova said a foreign investor was interested in acquiring a Ukrainian subsidiary of the Sberbank.

According to the law, the NBU reviews documents submitted for acquisition for three months.

The Ukrainian subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia was founded in 2001.

Sberbank of Russia is the 100% owner of its subsidiary in Ukraine.

According to the data of the central bank of Ukraine, as at October 1, the bank occupied the 9th position in terms of the size of its assets (UAH 40.69 billion) among 88 operating Ukrainian commercial banks.

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