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Parubiy Signs State Budget-2018

Parubiy Signs State Budget-2018

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Verkhovna Rada Chairman Andriy Parubiy signed the law "On the State Budget for 2018".

This is evidenced by the data on the page of the relevant document on the parliament's website, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Thus, the law was transferred to President Petro Poroshenko for signature.

The document sets revenues of the general fund of the state budget at UAH 839.8 billion and the revenues of the special fund of the state budget at UAH 73.8 billion.

The expenditures of the general fund of the state budget next year were expected to be UAH 906.7 billion and those of the special fund of the state budget - UAH 81.9 billion.

The ceiling deficit of the state budget for 2018 was expected to be UAH 81.8 billion (over UAH 77.9 billion earlier).

The ceiling size of the state debt as at late 2018 is set at UAH 1.999 trillion.

The document also urges the National Bank of Ukraine to channel UAH 49.549 billion into the state budget instead of earlier envisioned UAH 47.8 billion.

The document was updated based on the inflation outlook of 9%, GDP growth of 3%, and nominal GDP of UAH 3,332.3 billion.

Incomes of profit-making enterprises is expected to be UAH 754.7 billion.

The volume of exports of goods and services will grow by 4% to USD 55.7 billion while the volume of imports by 6.3% to USD 63.4 billion.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on December 7, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the state budget-2018.

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