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Ex-Mayor of New York found Schwarzenegger's jacket in the hotel of Yaroslavskyi

Ex-Mayor of New York found Schwarzenegger's jacket in the hotel of Yaroslavskyi


On November 20, Rudolf Giuliani, former mayor of New York, prominent member of the US Republican Party, and now adviser to the US President, arrived in Kharkiv.  He is known for his programs to combat crime, reduce taxes and raise living standards. Being the Donald Trump's advisor, the politician deals with cybersecurity.

     In a conversation with the media, Giuliani said that the first impressions of Kharkiv and of the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv 5* where he stays, are excellent. In the lobby of the hotel, the Trump's advisor paid special attention to the famous "Terminator's jacket".

      As you know, Rudolph Giuliani maintains friendly relations with the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Did you know that he is my friend? I was at this film," he said, posing for pictures with the exhibit. We remind that last year, the jacket was purchased by the owner of the hotel Oleksandr Yaroslavskyi for $350,000 at a charity auction on the occasion of the 40-th birthday of Volodymyr Klitschko, who received this lot from the cult blockbuster as a friendship gift from Schwarzenegger specially for this purpose.

     About the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv 5*, which was built when the city was preparing to host Euro-2012 matches, Rudolph Giuliani responded using superlatives. The further program of the politician's visit includes meetings with representatives of local authorities and participation in the meeting "Kharkiv: Security and Order".

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