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Rada Mandates All Court Hearings, Searches By Law Enforcers To Be Documented On Video

Rada Mandates All Court Hearings, Searches By Law Enforcers To Be Documented On Video

Verkhovna Rada, Law enforcers, searches, video-record, court hearings

The Verkhovna Rada has introduced a new rule that requires to video-record all court hearings and searches being conducted by law enforcers.

The bill No.7275 was backed by 312 parliamentary members while 226 votes were enough to pass the legislation, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The law allows avoiding video-recording only at court hearings that consider conducting secretive proceedings, secretive investigative actions.

In addition, the law mandates that a lawyer must be present during a search in housing or office premises.

All evidence obtained by investigation teams or law enforcers in violation of those norms will be held by court as null and void.

The law also imposes a temporarily ban on seizure of electronic information devices or their parts, including mobile phones, except when such electronic devices and information stored on them is required for expert examination, or if such devices or information was obtained by a criminal offense or is considered a tool of the crime.

Besides, the law directs the Cabinet of Ministers to form a special commission consisting of representatives of government authorities, human rights organizations and public activists to investigate cases that indicate violations of rights and interests by law enforcers.

The law becomes effective on January 1, 2019.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the bill No.7275 was drawn up by the Ministry of Justice and aims at protecting businessmen and entrepreneurs from illegal searches (raids) by law enforcers.