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UkrRudProm: Part Of Chornomorsk Port To Be Let To Hutchison Ports On Terms Disadvantageous For Ukraine

UkrRudProm: Part Of Chornomorsk Port To Be Let To Hutchison Ports On Terms Disadvantageous For Ukraine


Information about terms of the lease became known after the Hutchison Ports company (China) had submitted an application to the State Property Fund to lease moorings of the Chornomorsk Commercial Sea Port state-run enterprise.

According to the report, the project entitled Major Terms Of Lease Of State-Owned Movables And Real Estate has been agreed for the last two months. The project has yet to be signed by the Infrastructure Ministry, SPF, Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA), Chornomrsk port itself, and representatives of the Chinese company (Hutchison Ports). However the parties have not reached final agreements yet.

According to the UkrRudProm publication, according to a copy the preliminary lease agreement studied by the publication, the terms of the deal are extremely disadvantageous for Ukraine.

The agreement itself offers letting six moorings of the container terminal of the port for the period of 49 years under three contracts with the SPF, Antimonopoly Committee and the Chornomorsk Commercial Sea Port.

According to the terms, the parties suppose to hold no lease auction at all (if respective auction is held, Hutchison Ports will obtain the right to quit the negotiations).

"Even if the auction takes place, qualification requirements to the bidders will allow rejecting any participants except for Hutchison Ports," the publication says.

The rental will be paid once six months on terms of postpayment. At the same time, the buyer will not be obliged to invest in modernization and development of the port.

In view of the necessity for reconstruction of the terminal before its operation, the agreement will envision a grace period during which the state property will be let, however the rentals will not be paid. The length of the period has not been determined yet.

The state guarantees 10-day period for agreeing inseparable improvements to be carried our by the lessee at the terminal, at that unfounded refusal to agree possible violations is unaccepted. Hutchison Ports will have the right to terminate the lease agreement if the improvements are not agreed. The sources of financing of such operations are kept secret, however most probably such improvements will be carried out at the expense of the lessor - the state.

Hutchison Ports is exempted from obligations related to employment of the Chornomorsk Commercial Sea Port workers.

The Infrastructure Ministry obliges to ensure termination of agreements signed by the Antimonopoly Committee under which the access of other companies to moorings of the container terminal is granted.

"The said item of the document though partially agreed with the Antimonopoly Committee looks like a legalized monopoly. In turn, other companies will suffer unfair competition," concludes UkrRudProm.

"According to the aforementioned information, Ukraine will enjoy no other benefits but the status of attraction of Hutchison Ports and so-called 'signal to international investors'," the publication concludes.

Напомним, ранее сообщалось, что государственный порт "Черноморск" кулуарно подписал меморандум о сотрудничестве с гонконгским оператором контейнерных терминалов.

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