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Businessman Boholiubov Demands Ukraine Return Lost Funds

Businessman Boholiubov Demands Ukraine Return Lost Funds

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Former PrivatBank co-owner Hennadii Boholiubov has demanded that the government of Ukraine return the funds he lost at PrivatBank.

This is stated in a notice that Boholiubov sent to the government of Ukraine on November 6, the text of which is the Ukrainian News Agency obtained.

Boholiubov sent the government of Ukraine a notice on November 6, demanding compensation for "illegal expropriation" of his stake and funds in PrivatBank.

He did not state the total amount involved.

According to him, he, as a British citizen, will file a claim with an independent arbitration court if the funds are not returned.

The businessman cited a bilateral investment agreement between Britain and Ukraine, which is aimed at protecting foreign investors in Ukraine.

According to him, Ukraine conducted a successful coordinated media campaign to destabilize PrivatBank, followed by its nationalization.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Kyiv Administrative Court of Appeal ordered PrivatBank to return UAH 1.05 billion, USD 266,200, and EUR 7,800 to the Surkis family on November 6.

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