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Hutchison Ports is planning to enter the Ukrainian market of shipping without competition, - Obozrevatel

Hutchison Ports is planning to enter the Ukrainian market of shipping without competition, - Obozrevatel

Has learned the details of a memorandum of cooperation between the companies, "Hutchison Vestports Ltd." (Hong Kong) and Ukrainian state-owned company "ICC" Black Sea ", which was signed in 2016. It follows from the memorandum that Hutchison Ports has no plans to invest in port development. Text of the document at the disposal of edition

According to the signed agreements, the Hong Kong container terminal operator will receive the exclusive right to serve multiple berths. In the framework of cooperation assumed a comprehensive inspection of state-owned enterprises and expertise "ICC" port facilities Chernomorsk. "Also, under the terms of the memorandum, Hutchison Ports reserves the right to make strategic changes to the port operation, as well as change the staff and conditions of port operation. According to the document, Ukrainian state-owned enterprise has the right to change the terms of the memorandum, while the Hong Kong side of such a right for a leave.

The document is not an item on the guarantees on the part of the investor. Based on the text of the memorandum, the Hong Kong company has no obligation to modernize the leased facilities. Information on the amount of investment by Hutchison Ports and the memorandum of fact and does not contain.

From the text of the memorandum shows that the November 6, 2016 the parties also entered into an agreement of confidentiality and non-disclosure.

As you know, the possibility of this transaction, Infrastructure Minister Vladimir Omeljan stated back in 2016. However, the Minister specified that foreigners will be able to obtain the right to the concession in the port only after an open competition. In addition, according to the minister, priority will be given to those companies that are planning to create added value in the port area. However, competition for the concession in one of the country's "Black Sea" was not carried out the largest container-port grain.

Recall, September 28, as reported by the site UkrAgroConsult , representatives of Hutchison Ports visited SE "Sea Commercial Port" Black Sea. "The sides discussed key issues of cooperation.