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Court Allows NACB To Inspect Materials Of Kuznya On Rybalsky Shipyard Affiliated With President Poroshenko, MP

Court Allows NACB To Inspect Materials Of Kuznya On Rybalsky Shipyard Affiliated With President Poroshenko, MP Kononenko

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The Solomiyanskyi District Court of Kyiv has issued a permission to the National Anticorruption Bureau (NACB) to inspect documentation of the Kuznya on Rybalsky Plant shipbuilding and machine-building private company (Rybalskyi peninsula on the Dnieper river, Kyiv) controlled by President Petro Poroshenko and First Deputy Chairperson of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc parliamentary faction Ihor Kononenko under a criminal investigation into a state funds embezzlement during reinvigoration and upgrade works at the Ukrainian-Russian state border.

This is said in the court's ruling, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the report, the NACB conducts a pre-trial investigation under a criminal proceeding initiated on March 29, 2016, over the embezzlement of state funds on particularly large scale, abuse of office, abuse of power, diversion of funds and entrepreneur fraud suspected to have been performed during the engineer-technical works at the Russian-Ukrainian state border and a bordering line of the territories of the Antiterrorist Operation and the Russian-annexed Crimea.

The investigation established that in 2015 the No.1498 military unit signed two contracts worth UAH 59.5 million with the Kuznya on Rybalsky Plant (former Leninska Kuznya Plant public joint-stock company).

Under the contracts, the Leninska Kuznya supplied to the No.1498 military unit four pieces of the Triton-0103 infantry armored vehicles.

At the same time, the investigation established that the supplied by the company hardware was in the state unfit for the immediate use and for performance of tasks that had been expected of the hardware by the State Border Guard Service and for which the hardware was purchased, thus constituting a fraud and the diversion of state funds.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, at the March 30, 2017 shareholders meeting, the Leninska Kuznya shipyard was renamed into the Kuznya on Rybalsky Plant and was reorganized from the public joint stock company into a private joint stock company.

The Leninska Kuznya shipyard reported profit of UAH 8.498 million for 2016 (against loss of UAH 5.535 million in 2015).

Leninska Kuznya was registered as a public joint-stock company and is engaged in the production of chemical tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, fishing freezer trawlers, special purpose vessels, boilers and repairing.

49% of the company's share are owned by President Petro Poroshenko (through the Prime Assets Capital non-diversified corporate investment fund), with other 49% of shares of the company are indirectly owned by Member of the Verkhovna Rada Ihor Kononenko (through the Vik non-diversified corporate investment fund).