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Ovostar Union Starts Supplies Of Eggs To EU

Ovostar Union Starts Supplies Of Eggs To EU

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A large Ukrainian producer of egg products, Kyiv-based Ovostar Union, has started supplying eggs to the European Union countries, having already supplied 2 million eggs.

The company announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"I am happy to note that the first 2 million eggs have already been delivered to European consumers," Director General Borys Belikov said.

He told that the company was included in the list of approved egg exporters in September.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in September, Ovostar Union was granted permission to export eggs to the European Union.

Previously, the company was allowed to supply only processed products - liquid and dried egg products - to this region.

In the first nine months of 2017, Ovostar Union boosted egg production by 15.58% or 0.168 billion to 1.246 billion year over year.

Besides, the company boosted the sales by 8% to 829 million eggs.

At that, in compliance with the export strategy of the company, the volume of exported eggs rose by 47.7% to 350 million.

Therefore, egg exports made 42% of the total sales.

The Ovostar Union group of companies consists of a number of enterprises, including the Ukraina and Stavischanska poultry farms and the Ovostar egg product plant.

The group produces and sells eggs under the Yasensvіt trademark and egg products under the Ovostar trademark.

The company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in June 2011.

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