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PACE President Agramunt Has Resigned

PACE President Agramunt Has Resigned

PACE, Pedro Agramunt, resignation, Volodymyr Ariev

Pedro Agramunt has resigned as the president of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

Member of Parliament Volodymyr Ariev of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction (BPP), who is the leader of the Ukrainian delegation to PACE, wrote this on his Facebook page, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"PACE President Pedro Agramunt, who flied to Syria on a Russian government plane to visit Assad this year, has just resigned voluntarily," Ariev wrote.

According to him, Agramunt decided not to wait for the vote on this issue in the assembly, which is scheduled for October 9.

A photocopy of a letter allegedly signed by Agramunt, which Ariev published on his Facebook page, indicates that one of the reasons for his decision to resign is the recommendation of his doctors.

It is noted that Agramunt remains a member of the Spanish delegation to PACE.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ariev announced in June that the European People's Party group in PACE had expelled Agramunt.

The European People's Party group in PACE expressed lack of confidence in Agramunt on June 26.

The PACE Committee on Rules of Procedure approved a draft resolution that provides for the possibility of impeaching Agramunt in early June.

The PACE Bureau expressed lack of confidence in Agramunt in late April and banned him from carrying out any actions on behalf of the assembly.

According to media reports, a delegation made up of members of PACE and the State Duma of Russia led by PACE President Agramunt made an unauthorized visit to Syria on March 20.

Agramunt explained that he visited Syria with a Russian delegation in March as a Spanish senator.

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