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Groysman's Wage UAH 36,000 In August

Groysman's Wage UAH 36,000 In August

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In August, a wage of Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman was UAH 35,980.61.

Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine said this in a response to an inquiry from the Ukrainian News Agency.

In particular, in August, Groysman's fixed official salary was UAH 12,683.98, seniority increment was UAH 4,185.71, labor intensity increment was UAH 5,707.79, vacation allowance was UAH 7,989.42, wage indexation was UAH 172.59.

The withheld taxes made UAH 7,016.22, including individual income tax of UAH 6,476.51 and military tax of UAH 539.71.

The after-taxes amount received by the Prime Minister was UAH 28,964.39.

Groysman received UAH 35,900 of wage for December 2016, UAH 36,000 for January 2017, UAH 35,700 for February, UAH 36,200 for March, UAH 35,800 for April, UAH 35,800 for May, UAH 37,800 for June, UAH 37,900 for July.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Groysman declared UAH 549,521 of income for 2010, UAH 724,023 for 2011, UAH 827,505 for 2012, UAH 1,533,800 for 2013, UAH 1,571,471 for 2014, UAH 1,487,310 for 2015 and UAH 15,801,563 for 2016.

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