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European Committee Of Wine Producers Asks Poroshenko To Introduce National Wine Day

European Committee Of Wine Producers Asks Poroshenko To Introduce National Wine Day

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The European Committee of Wine Producers (CEEV) has called on President Petro Poroshenko to introduce a national Wine Day at the initiative of the Ukrainian corporation for viticulture and the winemaking industry (Ukrvinprom).

Ukrvinprom announced this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

In a letter to Poroshenko, the CEEV's Secretary General Ignacio Sanchez Recarte notes that most European countries with developed wine industries annually celebrate the Wine Day as a way to promote the millennial culture of winemaking and raise awareness of moderate consumption of quality wine.

He also expressed the belief that such a decision will benefit both the local wine industry and consumers.

Ukrvinprom noted that that it has repeatedly appealed to the authorities to introduce a national Wine Day.

The CEEV represents the wine industry and trade in the European Union, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

The committee unites 26 national organizations in 18 countries.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Poroshenko proposed introducing a Day of Winemakers and Ukrainian Wines in October 2016.

According to him, winemaking could be celebrated in Ukraine on October 7, the day Poroshenko signed a law abolishing the expensive (UAH 500,000) mandatory wholesale license for produced alcoholic beverages produced exclusively from local wine materials.

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