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NBU: Non-Resident Applies To Purchase Sberbank Ukraine

NBU: Non-Resident Applies To Purchase Sberbank Ukraine

The National Bank of Ukraine has states that it has received a new application form a non-resident entity to purchase Sberbank [Ukraine].

Deputy Chairperson of the NBU Kateryna Rozhkova told this to journalists, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Rozhkova spared other details about the applicant's identity only saying that it was a new investor.

She added that the NBU was concerned over debts that Sberbank Ukraine held before its parental company (Sberbank in the Russian Federation) because it impacted liquidity of the financial company in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on June 30, 2017, the National Bank received documents from businessman Viktor Prokopenia (the Republic of Belarus) to purchase 100% of shares of Sberbank.

Viktor Prokopenia is a citizen of Belarus and an IT entrepreneur.

In early August, Prokopenia revoked his application for purchase of Sberbank from the NBU.

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