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Saakashvili To Leave Lviv Before September 14

Saakashvili To Leave Lviv Before September 14

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Former chairperson of the Odesa Regional State Administration / Leader of the New Forces Movement Mikheil Saakashvili intends to leave Lviv on September 12-13.

Saakashvili said this at a briefing in Lviv, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Saakashvili said he planned to set out on a tour to visit many cities and villages of Ukraine (Rivne, Dnipro and others).

At the end of his touring, Saakashvili said he planned to come to Kyiv but did not specify when in particular.

He also said that during his journey he would have to use ground transport as he cannot fly on planes without a passport.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, officers of the State Border Guard Service and police came to the Leopolis hotel (Lviv) in order to serve Saakashvili with a protocol on an administrative offence over illegal crossing of the state border at the Shehyni checkpoint (Lviv region).