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Hungarian Foreign Ministry Szijjarto: New Language Rules Violate Human Rights Of Hungarian Minority

Hungarian Foreign Ministry Szijjarto: New Language Rules Violate Human Rights Of Hungarian Minority

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary Peter Szijjarto considers that language rules laid out in the law On Education violate rights of Hungarian minority.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry has said this in a statement posted on its website, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Szijjarto said that revised provisions of the law On Education threatened activity of most of schools in Zakarpattia region.

According to Szijjarto, the law severely affected rights of Hungarian minority depriving them of a right to conduct education in schools and universities in their native Hungarian language and preserved such opportunity only for preschool education.

Szijjarto promised that the Hungarian government would inspire discussions of this matter on all European forums and would apply all efforts to quash the law.

Mr. Szijjarto also called the law particularly hostile after numerous efforts from Budapest authorities to remind their Ukrainian counterparts that the provisions would significantly impact Hungarian interests.

"Budapest was the most loud advocate of a visa-free regime for Ukraine, we ratified an Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, we allow transit natural gas to Ukraine, we provided HUF 600 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and free recreation and rehabilitation in Hungary to 2,600 Ukrainian children within last three years. That's why we consider such a law on education no less but the stab in the back," the minister said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Chairperson of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration Hennadii Moskal urged President Petro Poroshenko to veto or send for revision to the Verkhovna Rada the revised law On Education as it violates rights of national minorities.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the revised law On Education that envisages 12-years education in a secondary school.