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Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s "Olymp" becomes the winner of the Cup in Rugby-7

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky’s "Olymp" becomes the winner of the Cup in Rugby-7

"Olymp" Kharkiv Rugby Club, whose president and financial supervisor has been the well-known Ukrainian businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky since 2005, made its fans happy again. This time "Olympians" added another Ukrainian Cup in rugby-7 to their imposing collection of highest awards.

This persistently high result cannot but impress given that the general situation in the country regarding rugby leaves much to be desired. The recession took a heavy toll on Ukrainian rugby clubs. For many of them, it was lack of financing that became the stumbling block and the reason for degradation of training and in some cases even for closure. The number of sports schools and rugby groups for children and teenagers decreased too.

Against this background "Olymp" Rugby Club is a kind of breath of fresh air for Ukrainian supporters of this spectacular kind of sports raising a hope that Ukrainian rugby still has a future. Due to support and managerial competences of Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, who has embodied progress in sports for Kharkiv citizens since his presidency of the FC "Metalist", "Olymp" is constantly improving its professional skills fortifying almost every game with a superior result. For almost 12 years of this partnership the club has become the champion of Ukraine in rugby-15 twelve times, the winner of rugby-15 cup eight times, the eight-time champion and the five-time holder of the national Cup of Ukraine in rugby-7. It is not surprising that the "Olympians" are the hardcore of the Ukrainian national team. "Olymp" does not forget about preparing worthy successors of today’s stars: the club’s children’s group is fully functional; tournaments for schoolchildren are held on a regular basis. The club also pays much attention to developing women’s rugby.

Unfortunately not everyone is happy about sports achievements of the “Olympians”. There are those who are trying to influence the situation by non-sports methods. New victories of Valeriy Kochanov and Vadym Kolyshkin’s team of real professionals are a response. The latest is the Ukrainian Cup in rugby-7 won in the fair contest.

The battle for the prestigious trophy was held in the stadium "Podolie" of Khmelnytskiy. The Kharkiv players won convincing victories over the Evolution Sevens team with the score of 38:5, over the RC "Legion" with the score of 40:7; they gave a drubbing to the Kryvyi Rih team with the score of 59:0. In the end they got 137 points. In the final contest with the local club of "Podolie" the "Olympians"  gained the lead, the odds of 7 points being in their favour (the overall score of the game was 19-12) and the sportsmen proudly raised the Ukrainian Cup in Rugby-7 over their heads once again.

"There’s been a lot of struggle today, we left many emotions in the pitch but nevertheless we reached our goal and became the cup winners in a fair fight," Valeriy Kochanov, the head coach of the RC "Olymp", summarized the game.