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Ukrainian news
Cabinet Launches Electronic Form Of Government's Paperwork Staring 2018

Cabinet Launches Electronic Form Of Government's Paperwork Staring 2018

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has introduced electronic form of the government's documentation staring from 2018.

This is said in the government's Executive Order No.608 dated August 18, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the report, staring from January 1, 2018, bills and supplement materials to them should be prepared in electronic form with digital signature, except for individual cases that require documents to be prepared in hard copy.

In particular, hard copy may be required for materials with classified information (restricted access); impossibility of applying materials as originals to a bill in electronic form under the terms of law; bills on matters concerning prevention of emergency situations, liquidation of fallouts thereof or other matters related to threat to life or health of the population and also urgent issues on Antiterrorist Operation and state defense.

This will be the first step to transfer the bill-drawing system entirely into electronic form.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, since August 15, 2017, the Cabinet has started to use electronic document flow with central executive bodies of the government.

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