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Russia Grants Citizenship To 41,500 Ukrainians Since January

Russia Grants Citizenship To 41,500 Ukrainians Since January

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Russia has granted citizenship to 41,500 Ukrainians during January-June.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

In particular, in January-June, 41,466 Ukrainians acquired (accepted, restored, recognized) Russian citizenship.

Also for this period, a decision was made to issue 34,851 residence permits for Ukrainians (125,956 Ukrainians live according to residence permits).

Besides, from January Ukrainians received 45,756 permits for temporary residence (215,496 Ukrainians resides in accordance with these permits).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Petro Poroshenko accepted 405 foreign citizens and stateless persons, including 55 Russians and 54 Syrians, into Ukraine's citizenship, and also terminated Ukrainian citizenship of 1,567 persons in the first half of this year (January-June).

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