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NBU: Inflation Rate In July Exceeds Outlook Figures

NBU: Inflation Rate In July Exceeds Outlook Figures

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The National Bank of Ukraine notes that in July inflation was higher than expected.

Ukrainian News agency learnt this from NBU comments.

According to the report, in June, consumer inflation sped up to 15.6% year over year (13.5% in May).

Actual inflation exceeded the figures expected by the central bank.

"That happened due to sudden growth of raw foodstuff prices as well as due to further impact of administrative factors," the NBU explained.

The core inflation in June sped up to 6.8% year over year and 0.2% month over month.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, in July, the NBU retained the inflation outlook for 2017 at 9.1% and at 6% for 2018.

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