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Only thanks to such persons as Gennadiy Butkevych we are fighting war, - Yarosh

Only thanks to such persons as Gennadiy Butkevych we are fighting war, - Yarosh

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MP Dmytro Yarosh, one of founders of the military voluntary movement, told in his interview to “Den” publication about the hard times of Ukrainian army’s revival in spring and summer 2014, immediately after the Crimea’s annexation and Russian invasion of Donbas. In Yarosh’s opinion, then Ukrainian soldiers were able to face the aggressor only thanks to the heavy moral and material support of the whole society, separate citizens and businessmen, such as Gennadiy Butkevych, owner of “ATB” chain of supermarkets.

“Both average citizens and persons who owned all kind of companies and levers of influence for economic and financial situation were helping. In addition to huge assistance of established voluntary organisations like “Donbas SOS”, support was provided by “Epicentr”, “ATB” chain of supermarkets and its co-owner Gennadiy Butkevych personally. These are well-known companies and I wanted to thank them publicly for a long time. For example, owing to “ATB” we have an opportunity to dress, feed, provide lodging for our guys from battalions and so forth. This assistance does not stop literally since first days of war, since Maidan,” Dmytro Yarosh told to journalists.

According to the MP, he has a very specific functional task in the General Staff – to coordinate activities of voluntary formations and ATO command.

“We are listened to, engaged,” says ex-head of “Pravyi Sektor”. He has just returned from the “frontline” where he inspected several military units. He is confident it is hard to compare the current provision of the military at the front with the situation three years ago. Separately, the MP thanked all patrons for their long-standing support of Ukrainian volunteers.

“Only thanks to such persons as Gennadiy Butkevych and companies like “ATB” they have been fighting for three years and have been fighting well. I remember how we bought uniforms, helmets, bulletproof jackets, etc. by the hundreds – the size of the assistance is huge. Professional level is very high, units of the Ukrainian Voluntary Army (UDA) are one of the most effective at the front, and the UDA exists only thanks to voluntary donations. I sincerely thank everyone who helps the army – some people give UAH 10, some one million… Without them we wouldn’t be able to fight this war,” Dmytro Yarosh told to “Den”.