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SFS: Information About Blocked Import Of Branded Goods Hyped Up Due To Checks Of Internet Stores

SFS: Information About Blocked Import Of Branded Goods Hyped Up Due To Checks Of Internet Stores

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The State Fiscal Service (SFS) considers that the resounding effect of the information about blocking of import of branded goods to Ukraine attributes to checks conducted by the service in internet stores.

Acting Chairperson of the SFS Myroslav Prodan has said this at a governmental meeting, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Several media reported during the day that management of the SFS adopted measures to restrict import of branded goods to Ukraine. We stated our position. I do not understand why this information has been reverberated so much. The procedure was in place before, in accordance with customs legislation and interventional conventions. Having leant where the information came from, I think, the hyping up of the information is connected to a series of checks currently conducted by the SFS at internet stores and sorting stations," he said.

On May 30, the media reported that the Ukrainian Customs Service stopped allowing into the country packages with goods bought through internet stores.

In response, the SFS issued a statement in which it said that banning import of goods manufactured under famous brands bought in foreign stores can be done only upon request from holders of rights to the goods or their duly authorized representatives.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in late 2016, the Association of Information Technologies Companies of Ukraine had initiated lowering of the ceiling price of non-taxable international shipments from EUR 150 to EUR 22 and sent to the Ministry of Finance a respective bill for consideration.

After encountering of harsh public criticism, the association was forced to recall the bill.

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