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Naftogaz Estimates State Arrears On Subsidies To Population For Utility Services At UAH 24 Billion

Naftogaz Estimates State Arrears On Subsidies To Population For Utility Services At UAH 24 Billion

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According to the Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint stock company, as at December 31, 2016, the total volume of state subsidies to population for utility services that were not foreseen by the 2016 state budget made UAH 24 billion or more than half of the sum allocated from the budget in 2016.

This is said in the annual reports of the national company published in the disclosure system of the National Commission for Securities and the Stock Market, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to Naftogaz, of UAH 24 billion UAH 16 billion was accumulated in 2016 along and the other UAH 8 billion was accumulated in previous years.

According to Naftogaz, the 2016 state budget allocated for the state subsidies UAH 44 billion while the actual need made close to UAH 60 billion.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on April 26, 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to pay in cash up to UAH 700 to each of 1.5 million households who efficiently consumed natural gas and heat energy during the heating season and economized this way budget funds allocated for housing subsidies.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said it is the first step toward the monetization of housing subsidies the government has promised.

After the sitting of the cabinet on April 26 Vice Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko said the deadline for the payments will be September 1, 2017.

The payments will be made to banking accounts of people or through the Ukrposhta state company of postal service.

In March 2017, Vice Prime Minister Rozenko said 7.5 million households were receiving housing subsidies.

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