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French Ambassador: Russia Must Abide By Orders Of UN International Court Of Justice

French Ambassador: Russia Must Abide By Orders Of UN International Court Of Justice

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Ambassador of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont says Russia must abide by decision of the United Nations International Court of Justice.

She gave the position to the press, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"It must if Russia wants to be seen as a serious country on the international arena. All countries must follow what the International Court decides. So, there is no alternative," she said.

She says France closely follows the developments in Crimea, including the situation with Crimean Tatars.

Also, Dumont is confident that the negotiations in the Normandy Format (Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia) will continue after the presidential elections in France.

"Yes, most probably. What was said on Monday by Ukraine and Russia - both sides want to preserve this format. Of course, I cannot speak for the future government of France, but it is most likely that it will continue," she said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on April 19, the United Nations International Court of Justice ordered Russia to provide activities of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis and ensure availability of education in the Ukrainian language in the Russia-annexed Crimea.

Leaders of the Normandy Four format (Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia) call for stepping up prisoners exchange in a form all-for-all. The leaders thanked President of France Francois Hollande for his continuous efforts within the Normandy Four format and expressed hope that the format will continue its work after the presidential election in France.