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Intelligence: Zasiadko And Skochynsky Coalmines Suspend Operation

Intelligence: Zasiadko And Skochynsky Coalmines Suspend Operation

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The Intelligence Department of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine says the Zasiadko coalmine and the Skochynsky coalmine on the occupied territory of Donetsk region have suspended operation due to problems with sale of coal.

The press service of the Defense Ministry's Main Intelligence Department has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The statement reads that coalmines of the Makiyivvuhillia enterprise are being transferred to the regime of mine pumping since April 17.

The statement reads that miners have written a letter to so-called Coal Industry Ministry of the Donetsk's People's Republic with a demand to resolve the problem of wage arrears.

The Intelligence Department reports about deficit of petrol in cities in so-called Donetsk's People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic (Donets, Luhansk, Alchevsk, Sorokine, Dovzhanskyi).

A-95 petrol is sold only on coupons and in some cases no more than 10 liters per vehicle.

Militants continue to use residential areas of cities for provocative shelling of the positions of the forces of the antiterrorist operation.

In particular, on April 18, militants used weapons forbidden by the Minsk agreements from their positions near residential houses in Yasynuvata, Donetsk region.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Intelligence Department of the Defense Ministry said the command of the marine regiment of so-called Donetsk's People's Republic had ordered to conceal the number of militants killed during subversive operations.