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Avakov's March Wage UAH 42,700

Avakov's March Wage UAH 42,700

Avakov, wage, Arsen Avakov, Interior Affairs Minister

The wage of Interior Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov for March was UAH 42,720.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs of Ukraine has said this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The amount of funds accrued to Avakov in March amounted to UAH 42,720, of which the official salary was UAH 16,000, the seniority bonus was UAH 4,320, the extra charge for working with classified documents was UAH 3,200, the allowance for the intensity of labor was UAH 16,000, the allowance for the performance of the functions of the state expert on secrecy issues - UAH 3,200.

The material aid to the Minister in March was not established and was not paid.

After deduction of taxes and fees, the Minister was paid UAH 34,389.6.

The December 2016 wage of the Minister was UAH 42,900, January wage - UAH 39,200, February wage - UAH 53,700.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Avakov declared UAH 488,921 of incomes and his wife - UAH 302,188 for 2016.

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