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Activists Burn Tires On Independence Square In Kyiv

Activists Burn Tires On Independence Square In Kyiv

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Activists have burned tires on the Independence Square in Kyiv, Ukrainian News Agency correspondent reports from the scene.

About 500 activists from nationalist organizations arrived on the Independence Square at about 19:20, arranged several tires on the stela of the Independence Square, and set the tires on fire.

According to the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), Mykola Kokhanivskyi, the activists scuffled with police officers who attempted to prevent them from taking the tires onto the Independence Square.

The activists managed take the tires onto the Independence Square, set them on fire, lighted pyrotechnics and fireworks, and began their rally.

They intend to organize a protest outside the office of former Presidential Administration head Viktor Medvedchuk after the rally.

The speakers on the stage on the Independence Square include Parliamentary Deputy Ihor Lutsenko of the Batkivschyna faction.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, about 1,500 activists from the National Corps party and the Azov organization have completed a march commemorating the anniversary of the "Revolution Dignity" in downtown Kyiv.