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European Commission Initiating Introduction Of EUR-5 Payment For Entering Schengen Area For Non-EU Citizens Wi

European Commission Initiating Introduction Of EUR-5 Payment For Entering Schengen Area For Non-EU Citizens With Visa-Free Rights

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The European Commission is initiating introduction of a payment of EUR 5 for entry into the Schengen zone for non-citizens of the European Union that have the right to visa-free entry.

The press service of the European Commission announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News reports.

According to the statement, the European Commission has presented the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), which provides for online registration and a fee for entry into the Schengen area for non-EU nationals who have the right to visa-free entry.

According to the European Commission, this will contribute to a more efficient management of the EU's external borders and improve internal security, whilst at the same time facilitating legal travel across Schengen borders.

"We need to know who is crossing our borders. By November, we will propose an automated system to determine who will be allowed to travel to Europe. This way we will know who is traveling to Europe before they even get here," the European Commission's President Jean-Claude Juncker said.

According to the statement, travel authorizations, application for which will not take more than ten minutes to fill in and which only requires a valid travel document, will be valid for a period of five years and for multiple travels.

An application fee of EUR 5 only will apply to all applicants above the age of 18.

"Securing our borders and protecting our citizens is our first priority. ETIAS will close an information gap by cross-checking visa exempt applicants' information against all our other systems," European Commission First Vice President Frans Timmermans is quoted as saying.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the parliament has called on the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union to adopt the decisions necessary to allow Ukrainian citizens visa-free regime travel to the European Union before the end of 2016.

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