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4,000 People Rallying In Central Kyiv

4,000 People Rallying In Central Kyiv

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Some 4,000 people are rallying in central Kyiv, a Ukrainian News Agency correspondent reports from the scene.

Most of them are near the National Bank house.

Activists are not crying out slogans but are carrying flags of the political party For Life.

As of 10:05, people keep flowing in from the side of Independence Square [Maidan Nezalezhnosti]

Portal body scanners have been mounted at the approach to the NBU building and demonstrators are passing through them.

The police are examining only a few of them.

Law-enforces have shut Khreschatyk Street and Instytutska Street to motor traffic.

Patrol police and National Guardsmen are keeping public order, and ambulance and a fire engine is on duty too.

As of 10:55, some 500 depositors of Mykhailivskyi Bank and Delta Bank are rallying outside the Verkhovna Rada.

Moreover, some 300 people are on the motorway in Hrushevskoho Street, wielding ‘Enough! Time To Act’ flags and a banner Peaceful Procession.

Moreover, nearly 100 activists on the motorway in Hrushevskoho Street are demanding Internal Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov to step down.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, law-enforcers have shut off a stretch of Instytutska Street in Kyiv.