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United States Electing President Tuesday

United States Electing President Tuesday

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The 58th presidential is taking place in the United States on Tuesday.

The polling stations are opening on Tuesday morning (13:00 Kyiv time).

The front-runners are Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democrat Hilary Clinton.

In certain American states early voting started on September 23. It is allowed in 37 states and in District Columbia.

On of Trump's campaign promise was establishing good relations with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Moreover, on November 10, 2015, Trump voiced support to Russia's military operation in Syria.

August 2, he said that the attempt to return Crimea to Ukraine could spark off a third world war.

The vote result will be announced on Wednesday.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, previous U. S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt is convinced that USA's position towards the Ukraine - Russia conflict will not change after the presidential election.

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