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Transparency International Launches ProZorro E-Trading Purchase Supervision System

Transparency International Launches ProZorro E-Trading Purchase Supervision System

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Transparency International, an international anti-corruption non-government organisation, has launched the service of social and professional supervision over the purchases in the e-trading system ProZorro.

Viktor Nestulia, Chief Analyst at the Policy Analysis Department, Transparency International Ukraine, announced this at a press conference in Kyiv, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The DoZorro portal was built with the support from the international spearhead group Open Contracting Partnership, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a philanthropic investment firm Omidyar Network, International Renaissance Foundation, and also the e-trading grounds Derzhzakupivli.online and Zakupki.Prom.ua.

DoZorro participants can give feedback to the trading customer and vendor, discuss and assess purchase conditions, analyse purchases of a separate government body or public office, and also submit official appeals to controlling authorities.

DoZorro offers tools for analysing and supervising a company’s behaviour in the ProZorro system.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 10 platforms participating in the ProZorro electronic public procurement system have launched RIALTO, an open procurement system for businesses.

ProZorro is an electronic public procurement system created in February 2015 at the initiative of non-governmental organizations, commercial platforms, government agencies, and entrepreneurs.

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