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Groysman Declares UAH 2.4 Million, EUR 460,000, And USD 870,000, His Wife Declares UAH 1.6 Million And USD 372

Groysman Declares UAH 2.4 Million, EUR 460,000, And USD 870,000, His Wife Declares UAH 1.6 Million And USD 372,000 In Cash For 2015

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Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has declared UAH 2.38 million, EUR 460,000, and USD 870,000 while his wife has declared UAH 1.6 million and USD 372,000 in cash for 2015.

This is indicated by information in the Unified State Register of Declarations of Persons Authorized to Perform Functions of the State or Local Self-Government, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Groysman also declared a number of movable properties worth more than 100 minimum wages, but their values were not specified in the document.

In particular, Groysman declared nine wristwatches (one Ulysse Nardin, one Audemars Piguet, two Rolex, one Parmigiani, two Girard-Perregaux, and two Breguet wristwatches) and his wife declared three wristwatches (two Ulysse Nardin and one Boucheron wristwatches).

In addition, Groysman declared two cufflinks made of precious metal and encrusted with precious stones and his wife declared three rings made of precious metal and precious stones and three sets of earrings valued at more than 100 minimum wages (brand names not specified).

The prime minister also declared the Grand City trademark.

The remaining information in the electronic declaration does not differ from the declaration he filed in April, but it is more specific.

In particular, Groysman declared an income of UAH 1,487,310 for 2015, including UAH 77,270 in salary, UAH 36 in interest from Joint-Stock Commercial Industrial Investment Bank, UAH 4 in interest from the Khreschatyk Commercial Bank, and UAH 1.41 million in income from lease of property (from the Koneks private enterprise and Dmytro Nemyrovskyi).

Groysman also declared four land plots in Bokhoniki (Vinnytsia region) and in Vinnytsia (1,500, 1,499.237, and 5,923 square meters) and two houses in Bokhoniki (534 and 461.1 square meters).

He also owns real estate with total of 2,156 square meters of space in Vinnytsia, in particular, three non-residential buildings housing shops (1,051.6, 1,43.5, and 7,36.9 square meters) and two premises (112.8 and 111.2 square meters).

The prime minister owns a Land Rover Range Rover automobile of the 2013 model year.

Groysman also declared UAH 2.6 million in bank accounts (UAH 21,775 and EUR 16,200 in PrivatBank, UAH 3,499 in Prominvestbank, and UAH 2,111,139 in Credit Agricole Bank).

In 2015, he spent UAH 76,172 on voluntary automobile insurance and UAH 104,629 on maintenance of his properties.

The wife and daughter of the prime minister declared incomes of UAH 1,453,357 for 2015, including UAH 28,400 in salaries, UAH 1,408,247 in income from entrepreneurial activity, UAH 15,253 in assistance to new mothers, and UAH 1,457 in interest on his daughter’s savings with PrivatBank.

In addition, Groysman’s wife owns a Volkswagen Touareg automobile of the 2011 model year, has UAH 193,549 in her account with PrivatBank, and owns an 80% stake in the Magigranda limited liability company (worth UAH 210,000).

According to the declaration, Groysman and his family used an apartment with 59.6 square meters of space in Kyiv (owned by Alina Burla) and an apartment with 61.5 square meters of space in Vinnytsia (owned by Ivan Burla).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Groysman declared an income of UAH 1,571,471 for 2014.